Everything you need to know about studying in Georgia

Studying in Georgia is one of the most preferred destinations for thousands of international students, due to its high standards of education, safety and security, and low cost of living, in addition to the relatively lower cost of study than European countries.

Therefore, many students from Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen and other Arab and European countries visit it. Let’s get to know the most important details related to studying in Georgia


?Where is Georgia located

The country of Georgia is distinguished by its wonderful location in the South Caucasus region, on the roads where Europe and Asia intersect. To the west it is bordered by the Black Sea, to the east by Armenia and Azerbaijan, to the south by Turkey, and to the north by Russia.

Therefore, Georgia has a unique and picturesque nature, and good weather that suits international students coming to it from all over the world.

?What is the official currency in Georgia

For anyone thinking of traveling to Georgia, you must first become familiar with the official currency used in the country of Georgia so that you can save the necessary funds during your stay there for study or tourism.

In 1993, the official currency of Georgia was the Soviet Russian ruble. But by 1995, during the rule of President Eduard Shvardnadze, the Georgian lari became the official currency used in Georgia, and its symbol (GEL) is equivalent to 100 Tatars.

The denominations of the Georgian lari vary between paper currencies such as one lari, lari, five lari, ten lari, twenty lari, fifty lari, one hundred lari, two hundred lari, and coins such as one tatari, one tatrian, five tatari, ten tatari, twenty tatari, fifty tatari. , one hundred Tatars.

The importance of studying in Georgia

The importance of studying in Georgia is evident through a set of advantages it grants to international students from all over the world, which are as follows:

Georgia has a high level of safety as it ranks sixth on the list of the safest countries in the world. The student will be able to spend the period of study in a safe country.
The university admission system in Georgia is easy and simple and does not require difficult procedures as in other countries. The student will be able to apply smoothly and obtain admission as quickly as possible once the required conditions and papers are met.
Georgia has many internationally recognized universities that offer study programs with a quality equivalent to that of European universities. This gives the student the opportunity to obtain a recognized certificate that enables him to hold a prestigious job when he enters the labor market after studying.
Georgia is interested in developing and modernizing education in educational institutions, especially universities, on an ongoing basis. Which contributes to raising the quality of education as in famous European universities.
The population in Georgia is kind to foreigners and is friendly with international students from the Gulf countries and other Arab countries.
Georgia allows international students to choose the study major that meets their aspirations in Georgian universities at different levels of study.
Georgian universities allow study in various academic specializations in English. This allows the international student to complete his studies in any specialty.
The cost of studying in Georgia is relatively lower than the cost of studying in European universities. This allows the student to obtain European quality education but at a lower cost.
The state of Georgia allows international students to work in Georgian territory legally, but immediately after obtaining a residence permit. The student can earn money to pay tuition fees.

?Is studying in Georgia accredited

Yes, studying in Georgia is Arab, European and international accredited. Georgia has many distinguished universities that offer recognized degrees that help international students get good jobs in their country or any other country around the world.

There are a number of Georgian universities that have signed many international agreements, making them an ideal choice for those who wish to complete their studies at a recognized university. This is in addition to the high-quality educational systems adopted in the study programs in Georgian universities that keep pace with European and international educational standards.

?Can a student work while studying in Georgia

Yes, there is nothing in the labor law adopted in Georgia that prevents a student from working alongside his studies. However, provided that some conditions are met, the most important of which is that the work is official and legitimate, and that the tax is paid. The student can then start working and earn money to pay tuition and living fees during his studies in Georgia.

Documents required to study in Georgian universities

If you want to apply to a university in Georgia and register in one of the available study majors. Learn with us about the documents required for university admission, including:

passport copy

A clear personal photoA copy of the high school certificate
?What are the admission requirements to study in Georgia

Admission to Georgian universities for international students is easy and does not require completing many difficult procedures and complex steps as in other countries. Students need to conduct an interview via the Zoom application online with the administration of the university they wish to attend and do not need to take admission tests.

Georgian universities do not set a specific rate for accepting international students, with the exception of British High School (I.G.) students, in which case success in three A Level subjects is required as a basic condition for admission to Georgian universities.

Cost of living in Georgia

The cost of living in Georgia is lower than the cost of living in European countries. The cost of living varies according to several factors, the most important of which is the city in which the visitor lives. The cost of living in the capital, Tbilisi, is higher than in other regions. And the social level in which the visitor wants to live.

The cost of living in Georgia can be roughly estimated from food, drink and expenses to be 250 US dollars, and the cost of housing to be 300 US dollars.

The cost of public transportation also reaches 1 lari, and students can obtain a student card by opening an account at the Bank of Georgia and then using public transportation at a cost of only 20 lari. We at Elia Group work to facilitate the procedures for issuing a transportation card to the student.

?What courses are available in Georgia in English

There are many study majors available in English-language universities in Georgia, which offer international students many options that suit their aspirations and meet their academic needs. Below are the most important study majors available in Georgia in English:

Human Medicine – Dentistry – Physical Therapy – Pharmacy – Medical Engineering – Computer Engineering – Mechanical Engineering – Design – Civil Engineering – Computer Science – Electrical and Electronics Engineering – Business Administration – Nursing – Information Science – Aeronautical Engineering (Aircraft Engineering)( Technical Exploitation of aircraft) – Flight Exploitation of aircraft (Pilot) A22+ Tecnam – Flight Exploitation of aircraft (Pilot) Cessna+ Tecnam – Aircraft Maintenance (B1,1 – Aircraft Maintenance B2) – Flight Exploitation or aircraft (Pilot) (Cessna) – Flight Exploitation or aircraft (Pilot) (A22) – Marketing – Accounting and Auditing – Finance – Tourism – Informatics – Economics – Architecture – American Studies – English Language – International Relations – Comparative Commercial Law

Study in Georgia for Egyptian students

There are many recognized Georgian universities in Egypt. This allows Egyptian students to enroll in study programs to enjoy a European study environment. Learn with us about the most important Georgian universities recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt:

Tbilisi State Medical University
Ilia State University
Georgia Technical University
Black Sea University
Ivane State University (TSU)(Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

Study in Georgia for Jordanian students

Are Georgian universities recognized in Jordan? One of the questions that Jordanian students ask before traveling to Georgia and enrolling in the most important Georgian universities.

The answer is yes. Studying in Georgia is deliberate in Jordan, which allows students to study one of the educational specializations available in the following universities:

Ilia State University
Ivane State University (TSU)(Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

Study in Georgia for Yemeni students

Tbilisi State Medical University

Ivane State University (TSU)(Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

Georgia Technical University

Ilia State University

Georgia National University(SEU)

University of Georgia

European University

Caucasus International University

Georgian Aviation University

Study in Georgia for Lebanese students

Studying in Georgia is an ideal option for a large number of Lebanese students. Georgia provides them with many wonderful advantages, the most important of which is an educational system according to European standards, ease of registration in Georgian universities, in addition to ease of entry into Georgian lands.

Lebanese students are allowed to enter Georgia with a passport only and without the need to obtain a Georgia visa. This provides students with the opportunity to enroll in recognized Georgian universities in Lebanon, which are:

Caucasus International University

University of Georgia

European University

Tbilisi State Medical University

Ilia State University

Ivane State University (TSU)(Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

Study in Georgia for Sudanese students

Many Sudanese students aspire to attend a Georgian university. This is to benefit from the advantages offered by universities in Georgia, the most important of which is the quality of education and educational curricula with European standards, in addition to the multiple scientific and applied specializations available in Georgian universities. Most importantly, there are accredited academic certificates. There are many Georgian universities recognized in Sudan, which are:

Caucasus International University

Ilia State University

Ivane State University (TSU)(Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

Tbilisi State Medical University

University of Georgia

Georgia National University(SEU)

European University

Study in Georgia for European students

The most distinctive feature of the higher education sector in Georgia is the high-quality educational system compatible with European standards. Which contributed to a number of Georgian universities obtaining European Union accreditation.

Which created a wonderful opportunity for European students to study in Georgia and enroll in Georgian universities recognized in Europe, most notably the European University. This university has been accredited by the European Union, the Indian Medical Council, as well as the World Health Organization’s Global Guide to Medical Colleges and other organizations.

How ailia Group helps you study in Georgia

Providing advisory services to students in the field of education through an integrated work team with long experience
Receiving the student at the airport
Facilitating procedures for obtaining suitable housing
Assisting the student in completing residency procedures
Providing educational opportunities for students in the best accredited Georgian universities
Facilitating university admission procedures
Instructing the student to pay tuition fees into the university’s account
Facilitating procedures for issuing a transportation card

Here we have reached the conclusion of our article about studying in Georgia, in which we discussed all the aspects and details of studying, such as the advantages of studying in Georgia, the papers and conditions required for admission to Georgian universities, the specializations available in Georgian universities, the cost of living in Georgia and tuition fees for the most important universities in Georgia. We also discussed the Georgian universities recognized in Arab and European countries and the specializations available in them.

Therefore, we hope that we have succeeded in providing clear information that will help you make the final decision about completing your studies in Georgia. If you are looking forward to more, contact us at Elia Group to obtain advice and guidance regarding the field of education and study in Georgia. We have an integrated team with long experience in the field of educational services in Georgia.

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