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Georgia Technical University is one of the most important Georgian universities. The university is located in the city of Tbilisi and is a government-affiliated university and is considered the largest internationally accredited technical university in Georgia.

The university has many wonderful features that make it an ideal destination for international students who flock to it every year in increasing numbers.

Georgia Technical University was founded in 1922 in the capital, Tbilisi. In order to become one of the most famous technical universities in Georgia and in the whole world.

It is considered the starting point for other technical and engineering universities in Georgia and research centers. It provides students with many facilities and services that contribute to creating a distinguished educational environment for them, giving them the opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled experience.

Why study at Georgian Technical University?

The University of Georgia is increasingly sought after by international students to study in one of the majors available there. This is because of its great importance and its advantages that are difficult to enumerate, which we will review in the following points:

The University of Georgia has a highly qualified teaching staff with many years of experience
Georgia Technical University is recognized in most Arab countries, Europe and America. It gives international students the opportunity to enter the international labor market with great competitiveness
Georgia Technical University is ranked as one of the best Georgian universities to study engineering majors in English
The admission requirements at Georgia Technical University are simple and do not impose difficult admission requirements on the student

Admission requirements at Georgian Technical University

The conditions for admission to Georgia Technical University are limited to providing the papers and documents that we explained previously, in addition to conducting a video interview with the competent authority at the university via the Zoom application over the Internet.

The university does not require that the student obtain certain grades for university admission. However, the British secondary school student (I.G.) is excluded from this, as he is required to pass three subjects at the A Level level.


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Tuition fees at Georgian Technical University

How much does it cost to study at Georgia Tech University? One of the questions that concerns international students who wish to complete their studies in one of the specializations available at Georgia Technical University. In order to help you, we present to you the following table that shows the cost of studying the specializations at Georgia Technical University:
Academic specialization and annual tuition cost

Human Medicine 8000 USD
Medical Engineering 4500 USD
Computer Engineering 4500 USD
Mechanical Engineering 4500 USD
Design: 4500 US dollars

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