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Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University was established in 1930 as an independent institution of higher education aiming to promote new knowledge in medical education systems in universities.

The university relies on special methods in teaching, including vocational training and research. This gives graduates the necessary skills to engage in the local and international labor market.

The university provides international students with many diverse medical specializations with different programs in English at the bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate levels.

The most important features of Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University is considered one of the best Georgian universities recognized in Arab countries, European countries, and even the United States of America.

This is because of its wonderful features and advantages that allow the international student to have a unique and enjoyable experience while studying. The following are the highlights of Tbilisi State Medical University:

Tbilisi State Medical University is distinguished by its wonderful location in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.
Tbilisi State Medical University is one of the most famous educational institutions specialized in the field of medicine in Georgia and the Caucasus region.
There are cooperation agreements between the university and many local and international universities and centers.
Tbilisi State Medical University is accredited by the National Center for Quality Promotion of the Education System.
The university offers study programs to obtain officially accredited degrees such as bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate in various academic specializations.
University admission to Tbilisi State Medical University is simple and the student is not required to obtain a specific grade. He can enroll in one of the study programs available at the university regardless of his grades in high school.
Tbilisi State Medical University accepts two batches of students to receive the maximum possible number of students in one year. Study for the first batch begins in October. The second batch begins studying at the university in March.
The language of instruction at Tbilisi State Medical University is English. This allows all international students to understand the study content.

Documents required for admission to Tbilisi State Medical University

For every international student who wants to join Tbilisi State Medical University. You must submit all the papers and documents required to guarantee university admission to the university, which are:

passport copy
A copy of the high school certificate

Directory of medical specialties at Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University is a government-affiliated university specializing in the study of medicine in a number of important medical specialties, namely human medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and pharmacy.

The university also offers a specialization in human medicine in the American program. What specialty do you want to study and obtain a recognized academic certificate that you can rely on in the labor market after graduation?

Are there special conditions for admission to Tbilisi State Medical University?

Tbilisi Medical University provides international students with easy university admission that does not require many complicated procedures. The university does not require admission tests for students applying for admission.

However, an interview takes place between the student and the university administration through the Zoom application online. In addition, the student who holds a British secondary school certificate (I.G.) must pass three subjects at A Level.

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In addition to facilitating the procedures for residency and housing in Georgia during the study period. We have great experience in this regard. Do not hesitate to contact us to enroll in Tbilisi State Medical University.

How much does it cost to study at Tbilisi State Medical University?

Tbilisi Medical University includes a group of medical specialties that differ from each other in terms of study duration and academic content. Which leads to a difference in tuition fees for each specialty, which we will explain in the following table:

Academic specialization and annual tuition cost
Human medicine in the American program: 12,500 US dollars
Human Medicine 8000 USD
Dentistry 7000 USD
Physical therapy 3000 USD
Pharmacy: 3,500 USD

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