Studying in Turkish Cyprus

Turkish Cyprus is one of the most important educational centers in Europe, so its universities occupy a privileged position among students from different countries of the world. About a third of the total number of students. Universities in Turkish Cyprus are distinguished by strong international recognition and accreditation, and much lower tuition fees compared to many universities in Turkey and Europe, while maintaining a high quality of education and world-class academic capabilities and equipment.

During the past years, the Turkish government has worked to improve the educational quality in Turkish Cyprus to put its universities in direct and strong confrontation with the best universities around the world. The Turkish government allocates a large share of the education budget to be spent on education in Cyprus. Education in Cyprus has one of the largest educational provisions in Europe.

Acceptance requirements for Turkish Cypriot universities

Easy and simple, and enrollment in it does not require high high school averages. However, enrollment in its universities requires familiarity with the rules, writing and understanding of the English language, and this is confirmed by the language acceptance exam offered by the universities before the beginning of each semester, because the English language is the main language of study in addition to the Turkish language, and Cypriot universities accept various secondary certificates, including: Tawjihi certificate in each Its branches are the baccalaureate degree (SAT II) and the (IG) certificate.

Study costs in Turkish Cyprus

Tuition expenses in Turkish Cypriot universities vary according to the university and specialization. General majors such as engineering and business administration have an average annual tuition fee of $3,500, and medical majors amount to $15,000 annually. The academic year in Turkish Cyprus is divided into two semesters, the first semester. It begins in October of each year and the second semester begins in February of each year.

The advantages of studying in Turkish Cyprus

  1. The quality of education that Cyprus universities are famous for, which are constantly developing their teaching systems, as well as the advantages of applied and practical training
  2. Cultural exchange opportunities: The island has a variety of nationalities, which provides opportunities for incoming students to communicate with several cultures from different backgrounds
  3. Tourism in Turkish Cyprus: The island is distinguished by its ancient history, as we mentioned, which makes it include many tombs, temples, mosaics, and ancient houses, and students seize the opportunity to be on the island and go to visit these wonderful archaeological areas
  4. Universities also offer many partial and full scholarships to students around the world
  5. Cultural and student activities: There are a lot of diverse student activities and sports, artistic and cultural competitions that students enjoy

Life in Turkish Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is distinguished by its picturesque beaches and clear waters, in addition to its appropriate and mild climate, its calmness that relieves the soul, in addition to the wonderful scenery drawn by the high heights that border it from the north and south, so it is a leading destination for visitors from all over the world. . And Turkish Cyprus is a mixture of Turkish and Greek culture that extends throughout the ages, so its residents enjoy this diverse cultural and civilizational mixture, in addition to the large proportion of foreign visitors that contribute a great deal to the weight of this mixture.

The cost of living and housing in Turkish Cyprus</span

On the one hand, the costs of housing and food in Cyprus are not high, and on the other hand, the costs of electricity, water and internet services are somewhat high.

As for the average cost of housing, it ranges between 150 and 250 euros per month, and that cost varies according to the housing you choose.

As for the cost of transportation, it may be non-existent if you choose to live in the student residence of the university where you study. Universities in Turkish Cyprus are also distinguished by providing free buses for students with different dates to suit everyone.

Residence in Turkish Cyprus

You can obtain residence in Turkish Cyprus immediately after obtaining admission and submit proof of payment of the semester tuition for the university, with the need to be present on the Cypriot territory.

Health Insurance

Most universities in Cyprus provide medical services to students through the campus dispensary of each university. On the other hand, Cypriot universities contract with insurance companies at limited prices, and provide students with health insurance services at reduced prices, and this provides comprehensive health care for students.

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