❗ what is tomer? (TOMER)

The word TOMER comes from the abbreviation of the phrase “Turkish Language Applications and Research Center”. Its main objective is to teach the Turkish language to non-native speakers. The TOMER certificate is granted after testing the Turkish language through accredited centers in Turkish universities or educational attachés abroad. It is a certificate similar to a foreign language certificate such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc., and its validity is two years.

It consists of 5 levels and is as follows:
Basic level A1, A2
Intermediate level B1, B2
C1 advanced level

The student can start university studies after completing the fourth level, which is B2, and he must complete the fifth level, C1, within two years of university education.

Is Tumr compulsory for admission to Turkish universities?
The TOMER certificate is only required to exempt the student from the preparatory year for the Turkish language and is not obligatory in admission or registration.

⭕ What is the difference between tomer and yos?
IOS: Examination for admission of foreign students to the undergraduate level
Tomer: Exam to obtain a Turkish language certificate and exemption from language preparation.

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