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 IIia State University of Georgia

If you are looking for the right university in Georgia that provides you with a good educational environment for successful study, do not hesitate to choose Iliya State University of Georgia.
Ilia State University of Georgia offers students various degree programs, in addition to the student services it provides to international students.
Ilia State University of Georgia provides highly qualified and skilled faculty members with extensive experience in their fields of study.
Elia State University has a wide reputation among international students, due to the low cost of studying there compared to other European universities, which allows students to obtain quality education according to international standards, but at a lower price.
Iliya State University in Georgia ranks first among research universities in the South Caucasus. The university is considered one of the most important and prominent research institutions in Georgia.
The university provides students with many diverse educational programs, in addition to academic and professional research that contributes to graduating students capable of achieving their goals in professional life.
Iliya State University of Georgia is distinguished by its wonderful location in the Georgian city of Tbilisi, near the old city and in the heart of Tbilisi. It is easily accessible by public transportation in Georgia, in addition to its distinguished location next to nature and stunning views that add joy and comfort to the soul.

Majors at Ilia State University, Georgia

What majors does Iliya State University in Georgia provide for international students? It is an important question that concerns every international student who intends to complete his studies in one of the academic majors at Iliya State University. We at Absher Company provide you with a list of the most important majors available at Iliya State University according to academic degree as follows: following:

Specializations available for bachelor’s programs

Bachelor of Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor’s degree in International Relations

Specializations available in the master’s program

Master of Science in Applied Genetics
master of Business Administration
Dual-degree Master’s programme
Studies of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia

Available specializations in the field of medicine

General Medicine
The study of medicine at Iliya State University in Georgia is internationally recognized, so large numbers of international students come to the university to study medicine in the field that suits them, and to obtain a scientific degree in medicine recognized in Arab countries, European countries, and the world.

Admission requirements to Ilia State University of Georgia

Studying at Iliya State University is a dream of many international students, in order to study in the various specializations available at the university within high-quality educational programs, but the student needs to fulfill some requirements and conditions to be accepted into the university. Here are the conditions for admission to Iliya State University in Georgia:

The student applying to study at Elia State University completes the high school level in the scientific stream
The student must obtain a grade of no less than B2 in the English language. In the absence of proof of this, the student must undergo an English language test
The student must have a valid passport
The student must take an online chemistry or biology exam
The student must submit all required documents, which are his passport, a recent personal photo, a copy of his secondary school certificate, and an email

We at Elia Educational Group provide you with the service of securing university admission to Elia State University in Georgia. All you have to do is prepare the required papers and documents and fulfill all the conditions specified for admission, and we will provide you with a unique educational opportunity in one of the best universities in Georgia in particular and the world in general. .

 :study FEES
Academic specialization and annual tuition cost
Human Medicine 5900 USD
Civil Engineering 3700 USD
Computer Science $3700
Computer Engineering 3700 USD
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 3700 USD
Business Administration 3200 USD

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