YÖS Test
Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı

It is a test for Turkish universities conducted by most universities, and it is an abbreviation for Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı, which means in the Turkish language, the test of foreign students. The YÖS test is a prerequisite for admission to Turkish public universities, and there are some universities that do not require YÖS.

The average obtained by the students from the YOS test is an important factor that has a major role in raising the average that the student obtained in his high school diploma, which provides the student with the possibility of applying to enroll in colleges with high rates, such as medicine and pharmacy.

Where is the YOS exam held?

Each university determines the place where the test is held, and it is within its campus or accredited centers for it and sometimes it is online, and the student must come personally to the university campus to attend this test, the cost of this test varies from one university to another, and it is paid by bank transfer to the university account.

Who can enter the exam?
• Foreigners who do not hold Turkish citizenship
• Holders of both foreign and Turkish citizenship • Turkish citizens who have completed secondary education abroad
What does the exam contain and how long is it?
This exam consists of scientific questions, including mathematics, engineering, and IQ (intelligence), distributed as follows
35 sports questions
5 engineering questions and 45 IQ questions
The duration of the exam ranges between 90 and 120 minutes, according to the conditions and standards of each university.
When is the exam taking place?
The exam is usually conducted between April-April and June-June of each year by every university inside and outside the country or remotely online.
Is the exam compulsory for admission to Turkish universities?
This exam is compulsory in some universities and not compulsory in others, knowing that most Turkish public universities implement this exam and accept foreign students through it, and it is mandatory in some universities such as the University of Istanbul, Marmara, Ega, Mersin and other universities, and in others it is possible to apply through the high school average or an international exam such as the SAT, ACT, IB, but the opportunity to accept the YOS exam is stronger than the secondary certificate, especially for those wishing to apply to medical colleges.
What is the validity of the exam?
The YOS exam has a validity of one year, and there are universities that grant validity for two years (two academic years)
What is the success rate in Elios?
Often, the limit of success in the exam is 40%, and there are universities that set a condition for colleges, for example, for human medicine, a minimum of 90% must be obtained, and 70% for engineering, and these vary according to the university.
Is the high school average calculated with the YOS?
When the student obtains a YOS certificate, the average of the certificate is not calculated, and the type of certificate is not checked, whether it is scientific, literary or professional. It is sufficient to obtain a certificate of success.
How to register for the exam and what are the costs?
The exam is submitted in the periods specified by the universities through their own website in an online form
There are universities that do not take this exam, but rather accept another university’s exam certificate, for example (you can apply for Istanbul University’s Yoss to nearly 90 other universities)
95% of Turkish public universities accept the YÖS exam, and there remain universities such as Istanbul Technical University, the Middle East Technical University, and the Bosphorus that do not accept the YÖS exam and have special admission criteria.
A student can apply for more than one exam in the same year, and there is no age requirement or secondary school graduation requirement

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