who are we

The signs of Elia Educational Services Company appeared in 2015, as it expanded its business and established a company in 2017 in the Turkish city of Mersin with a (Turkish-Arab) team with high experience and specialists in this field, and it is looking forward to opening several branches in the Arab world. Ilia Educational Services is an official Turkish company that provides study services in Turkey for Arab and foreign students with professionalism and experience for more than 7 years in Turkey.

We saw

To become the first company in the Middle East to provide study services in Turkey to Arab and foreign students with professionalism and experience.

Because you deserve better

-Always at your service

We guarantee you a distinguished professional service through a hardworking staff. With us, we guarantee you practical continuity and offer you our consulting services for free.

-Free consultations

We offer you free consultations throughout your studies in universities. You can count on us to guide and advise you on legal matters or on your stay in Turkey in general.

-Your university admission is free

Elia provides you with the opportunity to obtain your university admission for free without any fees, as we are official agents for universities. All financial transactions are between you and the university directly

-In addition to

  • Offering discounted packages to our valued students in order to help them start their educational journey and settle in Turkey.
  • Arrangement with the university in order to provide a letter of support to the Turkish embassy and facilitate your obtaining a student visa.
  • Providing partial scholarships and special and exclusive discounts to our students
Courses and tests