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Why Ailia Educational Services?!

Ailia is a company that prioritizes helping students by providing academic facilities and exceptional study discounts for students wishing to study in Turkey, through extensive experience and continuous striving to provide the best at the academic and university level through a distinguished and purely scientific academic advising system that relies on experts in this field and on information extracted from experiences of former students.

And continuous analysis of the level of universities by all standards and away from the commercial or traditional method, and thus we shorten and save them the trouble of searching and the abundance of inaccurate information, which leads them to what they seek in the shortest possible period. Our service includes all educational stages and academic levels (pre-university, bachelor, master, PhD)

Elia Education Services

Assisting the student in choosing the educational specialization best suited to his needs and aspirations, through specialists in the field of educational consulting.

Assisting the student by clarifying the necessary documents for all stages of travel, university registration, and residence.

Follow up on all stages of submitting university papers, from clarifying the required papers to receiving the university card.

Providing opportunities to learn foreign languages ​​in a more professional way, by studying in the best educational centers in Turkey.

Assistance in obtaining student housing, whether university or private.

Assisting the student to obtain his own student residency, after completing the stages of university registration.

Follow-up of students registered through us in their university life to ensure the best level of education that meets their academic aspirations and solve any problem that they may encounter during their educational career.

We won’t keep you waiting, you can Read detailed articleOn the reasons why Turkey is the choicenumber1 for students to start studying in, which makes Turkey the most suitable place for students

  • Why Turkey?

    We will start with you, dear, with some information about Turkey and its educational system, and we will quickly mention some of the reasons that make Turkey a suitable place to study

  • The university education system in Turkey is one of the oldest education systems in the world

  • The large growth of universities in Turkey at a rapid pace to compete with many European universities

  • Facilities offered by private universities to foreign students and taking care of them

Turkish private universities

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Turkish public universities

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